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Pacific Plaza Records

Groovy Kaiju & Pacific Plaza Records - Godzilla Got Remastered

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Oceanfront Online and Groovy Kaiju are collaborating with Pacific Plaza Records, by doing a repress of Groovy Kaiju's most popular album, "Godzilla Got Remastered", as a SIGNED physical cassette!!! This is exclusively being sold to the Kaiju Club first, before being offered to all other other Groovy Kaiju Fans (not signed)! Only 45 Copies available!

This cassette also comes with a downloadable MP3 320 .zip of the album, as well as a redeemable Bandcamp Code!

(The digital album is free / pay your own price, and I am only releasing the digital album on platforms I am not directly making money off of the songs as the samples are not cleared [Sample listing is on my bandcamp]. Any money sent for the digital album is a donation to me, so I can spend it on music expenses, Arizona Green Tea, and monster food)

The digital album is available through Bandcamp (Pay your own price) and Soundcloud:

The album is also available through the Oceanfront Online Youtube Channel:


Album cover done by Leah Rose Garza


Album Description:

From the grooviest kaiju in monster island, comes a remastered album of Groovy Godzilla ‘s fan favorite songs!

This one goes out to all of my amazing kaiju fans that have been following me since day one! You kaiju and kaiju-ettes really know how to destroy the streets with these tunes, and I am forever grateful for all the love you’ve shown to your friendly neighbor monster. Cheesy jokes aside, I really really appreciate y’all!

This album was made by request of Alyx, the owner of Pacific Plaza Records, as when we first met and I played the first Virtual Memory, the first thing Alyx asked was: “Dude, you’ve never done a physical before, and I would LOVE to do some physical runs of your greatest hits”. I was really taken aback, and I was so stoked and happy to do that! So first we did Still groovy as I thought that would be a better “Welcome back” album, and now, following up on the promise, we have “Godzilla Got Remastered”.

So, during my kinda-sorta hiatus, I was still working on music, but under many different names, like Aviscerall, Marquice Turner, and Endago (Please don’t look up the last one haha!). From that, I learned all kinds of new music techniques, some of which you can only learn by playing with specific, new genres (Which I was doing!). So this album is a way of me going back and putting everything new I’ve learned since that first Godzilla Got Busy album, back into these older songs of mine :) So please expect harder hitting bass, sidechained kicks, and even more dreamy and nostalgic monster vibes! While at the same time, preserving that old, classic-style future funk and vapor funk that we’ve all come to know and love.

Godzilla Got Busy is undoubtedly my most popular release, as it’s my oldest, and songs like Space Dandy, people REALLY love :) So, I commissioned my friend, Leah Rose Garza, to do an ode to that album, but in a more Groovy Kaiju style! I gave them Lakais (Fun fact, it’s my favorite shoe for skateboarding, and the only shoe I wear), but also gave my kaiju the iconic deal with it glasses, and made the sky the actual sky I put together in my logo!

Lastly, I hit up my friend, and fellow Rosewood homie (Shout out rosewood, I love y’all!) Augnos, and they were kind enough to remaster a few of the tracks on the remaster. As I’m starting to get more involved with the vapor scene again, I thought it’d only be fitting to give back to the scene (which includes anyone who supports my music), and let them put their imprint back on the album. Augnos does amazing things for the vapor scene, as they are very active in shows, coordinating with other artists, and were a huge part in the now ended but legendary, Private Suite Magazine. Please hit them up to commission them for any of your audio stuff!

Hope y’all enjoy this album, please feel free to reach out and let me know what you think! :)

And as always, Stay groovy!