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Pacific Plaza Records

Groovy Kaiju & Pacific Plaza Records - Still Groovy

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Oceanfront Online and Groovy Kaiju are collaborating with Pacific Plaza Records, by doing a repress of Groovy Kaiju's return album, "Still Groovy", as a SIGNED physical cassette and SIGNED vinyl!!! This is exclusively being sold to the Kaiju Club first, before being offered to all other other Groovy Kaiju Fans (not signed)! 45 cassettes and 100 vinyl available!

This cassette or vinyl also comes with a downloadable MP3 320 .zip of the album, as well as a redeemable Bandcamp Code!


Physical CDs and Digital downloads are available from Oceanfront Online: 


Album Description:

After 4 years of thinking about this album and throwing ideas around in my head, and living a lot of life experiences, It's finally here. Groovy Godzilla is now Groovy Kaiju, and I am groovier than ever! Even with the name change, I'm "Still Groovy". This one is for all the cool cats who have been missin' out on these sweet tunes blasting from the shores of Monster Island...


Full album description and (cleared) samples can be found on my Bandcamp!