A Meme Helped Me Find My Album of the Year!

A Meme Helped Me Find My Album of the Year!

My Album of the Year for 2024 (So Far): ericdoa - DOA 🧑‍🎤🤩

ericdoa 2 hour freestyle screenshot

Check out the album on Spotify, or on Youtube to also watch some of the music videos!  🎧

My Favorite Songs are: Kickstand, Sweet Tooth. and dancinwithsomebawdy


Yoooooo! What's up dude? 😎

So a little while back I was on Instagram and I saw this HELLA funny clip of a dude freestyling some emotional vocals over a really slow and sad piano track that said:

"Imagine if Ninja Got a Low Taper Fade?....Imagine if Ninja Got a Low Taper FaaaAAAAaaaAAADddeeee!!!" (Youtube Clip)

To which I actually busted out laughing, because I very much have like Gen Z absurdist type of humor haha! 😂

Anyways, I realized that the person going viral was ericdoa ! Who I may have mentioned to you in the past in the Kaiju Club, when I shared a bunch of Dariacore tunes! 👀

Their stuff is sampled a TON in Dariacore, and it lead me to find two songs of theirs, that I REALLY like: Fantasize (Youtube Music Video) is a super fun chillin' with the homies pop song, and movinglikeazombie (Youtube) is just a Hyperpop CLASSIC! 😩🎉

But honestly, A LOT of their catalog didn't quite catch me. But after seeing this meme of them, I figured why not check in with some of their new releases. And I saw they released a new album at the beginning of this year, and I almost INSTANTLY became addicted to it! 🤩🙏

Like, I think I listened to it, LITERALLY on repeat (which is super rare for me), for like a month straight. And! I probably am STILL listening to it once every other day. Like the WHOLE album every other day! Especially because I even took the time to burn the digital album to a blank CD so I can listen in my car! 💿🏎️

ericdoa album burned onto a CD in my car

Honestly, I couldn't even explain to you what about the album really connects with me so much. But I absolutely love the mix of pop and rock production, the elements of Hyperpop but cleaned up in a way that's just SUPER funky, and the lyrics have a TON of like..."I grew up on the internet" understanding that I can really feel if that makes any sense at all haha! 😅😎🎉

If any of this sounds like something you could also be into, use the link at the top of this email to check out the album! 😁🎉

Oh! One last thing! The meme that got me to checkout ericdoa's music again, is actually a VOD from a 2 hour Twitch Livestream of them just freestyling lyrics.

The whole 2 hour video is like honestly, a REALLY beautiful piece in terms of like performance art. If you fall in love with this album as much as I did, I'd also say throw on the freestyle in the background\! Just a warning though, it gets REAL heavy and emotional at some points! 👀😅

ericdoa - ? (2 hour freestyle) (Youtube)

If you get the time to listen to any of this, let me know! What did you think of it? Are you also an ericdoa fan? Did you already see the meme on TikTok or Instagram Reels? What's your favorite track? 🤩 Reply to this e-mail and I'll get back to you! 📣

I hope you are STOKED on this new music recommendation! Stay tuned for the next episode of the Kaiju Club, where I'll be sharing probably the HARDEST Godzilla Beat ever made! 😤🦖 Stay Groovy dude! 😎🦖

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