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Oceanfront Online is a Music collective, and label all about good vibes and dope internet music! Our mission is: "To help & enable creators (Artists, Musicians, etc...) to develop their long term livelihood from their creations, using our platforms and reach." 💖🙂


We understand how much art can truly enhance a positive experience, add a soundtrack to our work, or even help us through some really tough times. And from that, we look to give back to the creators who were a part of our deeply personal experiences, even if the creators did not know they were a part of it. Unfortunately, not all labels and platforms have been great about making sure that the support from fans is fairly given to the respective artist. Sometimes, even to the point where the frequency or quality work suffers from it. Oceanfront Online hopes that we can change this dynamic, by allowing independent artists and creators to maintain complete control over their work, and relationships with their community. We hope that Oceanfront Online can become a hub of breaking new artists, and connecting them directly to new and existing fans. So that their art, that we all love so much, can be properly supported and evolve into deeper connections with their community. Our goal is both to support artists long term, but also act as their spring board if they wish to launch their own platform. We hope that you will join us on this journey, by supporting Oceanfront Online, and the artists that we partner with, to create a new story in the world of independent artist and creator-ship. 💪😎


This website is central part of the Oceanfront Online artist strategy. Here, we are hoping to post news about all of the amazing things our artists are putting out for their fans and community. We also hope to help sell merchandise, music, and anything else our artists are hoping they can share directly with their fans. The revenue from this site is shared directly to our artists, and each artist is able to claim their share of profits of the merchandise whenever they would like. 📦 🙌

This website is currently run by Aaron Turner. Aaron is an Oceanfront Online artist themself (Aviscerall, Groovy Kaiju, etc...), and also the founder of Oceanfront Online LLC. 😊