Can You Believe the BEST Retro Anime was Released in 2023?!

Can You Believe the BEST Retro Anime was Released in 2023?!

This New Retro Anime Is Probably already in my Top 5 Animes of All Time! 🤯😂👊

Punch Punch Forever Anime Wallpaper Screenshot

Watch The First Episode of Punch Punch Forever on Youtube (Only 8 Minutes Long!)

not sponsored lmao, this just some hella good stuff!


Yoooooo! What's good dude? 😎

So I've been catching up on a lot more anime lately. I'm absolutely STOKED on the Demon Slayer Hashira training arc, and I feel like from being Groovy Kaiju I gotta take the time to at least give Kaiju No. 8 a chance. And embarrassingly, I still need to watch Evangelion! 😅🙏

But! One anime that I came across is probably like THE best thing I've seen in "the style of Anime" in a LONG time! And! It's being made by an independent creator! 🤯👀

So there's this new series being made called: "Punch Punch Forever", and really it's a retro anime Youtube Series all about being RIDICULOSULY funny, and hitting this intersection of like Online Retro Anime Culture, and everything that made Newgrounds such an awesome place to be back in like the 2000s haha! 😂🙏

This Anime is like SUPER funny, if you've watched like any anime at all ever, I think you'll be literally LOL'ing like I was, and the style of animation is extremely beautiful for what it is, and I absolutely love how much heart, soul, and like VIBES was put into this. Once you watch you, you will know EXACTLY what I mean! 🤩😩

Anyways, if you're an anime fan, or even if you just want to check out a HELLA funny animated Youtube video to add to your watch later, use the link at the top of this email to check out Punch Punch Forever! 😎👊

And if you like that one, here's the second episode, it's just as funny and rad haha! Punch Punch Forever Episode 2 🔪

If you get the time to watch this, let me know! What did you think of it? Have you already seen this? Were you BLOWN AWAY by all the vibes and little details? How hard did you laugh when the emperor of Japan popped up on Screen? 😂 Reply to this e-mail and I'll get back to you! 📣

I hope you are STOKED on me sharing a fun little anime thing I found with you! Stay tuned for the next episode of the Kaiju Club, where I'll be sharing more rad, fun, and exclusive stuff for you! 🤩😎💪 Stay Groovy dude! 😎🦖

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