Have You Ever Worn a Disco Ball on your Head?

Have You Ever Worn a Disco Ball on your Head?

Here's an Album that REALLY Stood the Test of Time for Me! 🪩🕺💃

Discoholics Anonymous Album Cover

I've had this album in my rotation for over 2 years now, and if you like my Groovy Kaiju stuff...

This is like its own disco flavor of timeless soul, infectious groove, and funk you can't help but move to! 😩

Listen to Discoholics Anonymous by Discoholic on Spotify, Bandcamp, Youtube, Apple Music, Deezer, or any streaming service haha!


Yoooooo! How's it hangin' dude? 😎

So, I'm continuing to follow up on my word of listening to your feedback from this year's Kaiju Club Survey! Since you really wanted to get a lot more music recommendations from me, here's one I think is going to ABSOLUTELY BLOW YOU AWAY! 🤩

So there's this one person in the Vaporwave and Future Funk scene called Discoholic! If you aren't like super deep into it like I am, Discoholic is a music producer in the scene known for keeping themself anonymous, by always wearing a disco ball helmet over their head lmao! 😂

And thankfully, Discoholic and I are actually IRL friends! They are based on the east coast, but we've crossed paths a BUNCH of times doing different musical things! 😎

So I know your first question is probably, can they see out of the helmet? Yes they can! I haven't worn it (it doesn't fit on my head because of my dreadlocks lmao), but everyone I know that has says they can see out of it just fine haha! 😂

Anyways, Disco dropped their debut full length album in 2022, and it's really stood the test of time in my rotation for me. I literally LOVE every single song on this album, which is super rare for me! I even bought their Cosmic Cocktail vinyl the first day it dropped, and it's SUCH a rad color splatter, it's honestly my number one favorite vinyl in my entire collection! 😩🥲 (and they have a second run going on still it looks like! 👀)

It's filled front to back with some of the funkiest, grooviest, soulful songs I've ever heard. It's really hard to sit still, and not absolutely just get lost in Discoholics disco world, with carefree, wholesome, dancefloor vibes! 💃🕺

And if you are a Jazz nerd like I am, this album gives me some STRONG vibes from Quincy Jones' "The Dude" album, it's really just timeless, hella good, music, absolutely FILLED with ear candy and amazing mixing and mastering quality! 🤯

Anyways, I've rambled on enough about how you should listen to this album, use the links under the image at the top of this e-mail to listen to this album! 🎧

And whenever you get the chance to listen to it, let me know! What did you think of it? What's your favorite song? Did you already know about Discoholic? 🤔😁 Send me an e-mail and I'll get back to you! 📣

I hope you're enjoying me sharing my music taste with you! Stay tuned for the next episode of the Kaiju Club, where I'll be sharing a sick pro tip on where to find some rad official Godzilla short films! 🤩😎💪 Stay Groovy dude! 😎🦖

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