Probably THE Hardest Godzilla Beat of All Time! 😤🦖

Probably THE Hardest Godzilla Beat of All Time! 😤🦖

Probably the Best Godzilla Sample of All Time: Pharoahe Monch - Simon Says 🎤😤🦖

Groovy Kaiju Holding Their Copy of Pharoahe Monch - Simon Says on Vinyl in their Studio

Warning: Very Explicit Lyrics lmao! 😂

Watch the Music Video on Youtube, or Listen to the Track on Spotify


Yoooooo! What's really good G? 😎

So throughout my various adventures of being a lifelong Godzilla fan, and growing up in a Gangster Rap, Hip Hop Household, I figured I'd check to see if you've already heard possibly the greatest use of a Godzilla sample of all time? 👀

I forgot when I first heard this track, but it MUST have been when I was real young, because I think I remember hearing this when I was like a kid at one of my Dad's parties... 🤔

But pretty much, you know the super epic and iconic Godzilla theme? Like the blaring brass horns that are like: "DUNNNNNNNN! Dun, Dun, Dun Dun.....DUNNNNNNNNNNNNN"? 🎺

So Imagine that flipped into like the HARDEST Hip Hop Beat of all time, with a sick 90s rapper just absolutely spittin' over it haha! 🔥

I really don't think I can explain the song any better than that LMAO! So if you're a 90s hip hop fan, Godzilla fan, or BOTH, you should definitely use the links at the top of this email to watch the music video or listen to the track on a streaming service!


Also! One last fun fact that I'd like to share! So! If you've been following my tunes for a COOL minute, you know that I used to call myself: "Groovy Godzilla"! 🦖🏄

Well, songs like this one are the reason why a handful of years back, I thought I should change my name to "Groovy Kaiju"! 😅 Unfortunately, Simon Says wasn't available anywhere for a long while, because Simon Says got taken down WAYYYYY back in the year 2000, because Toho sued over the uncleared sample! (Wikipedia) 🤯😭

Which is something that I'm hoping that doesn't happen to me still. Though! If you read my Red Carpet Kaiju Club e-mail, you know I had a mutual friend who worked at Toho mention to me that Groovy Kaiju is probably different enough to not catch the attention of the Toho lawyers hahahahaha! 😮‍💨😅


ANYWAYS! If you get the time to check out this song, let me know! Are you feelin' it? Did you like the VERY 2000s Rap Music video? Do you also have any stories of growing up to this song? 😎 Reply to this e-mail and I'll get back to you! 📣

I hope you are STOKED on this new music recommendation! Stay tuned for the next episode of the Kaiju Club, where I'll be sharing more rad, fun, and exclusive stuff for you! 🤩😎💪 Stay Groovy dude! 😎🦖

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