Wanna See Some Sick Kaiju Fights?

Wanna See Some Sick Kaiju Fights?

Check out this RAD Godzilla Short Film from the Official Japan Godzilla Youtube Channel! 🦖🐞📺

Godzilla vs Megalon Screenshot

Use this link to watch this official Godzilla vs. Megalon Short Film

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Yoooooo! What's poppin' dude? 😎

So, one thing I get a lot form being Groovy Kaiju, is that I get to thankfully meet some of the most hardcore Godzilla fans in the world both online and in person haha! 😁🦖🎉

Like, I grew up watching Godzilla VHS, like so much so my mom would tease me about it. And even as an adult I keep up with the Godzilla movies as I come out. But every once in a while, someone that I meet that is into my music will share some DEEP cuts with me, and I'm always SUPER thankful for it haha! 😂🙏

If you're also a Godzilla fan like I am, or, you just like watching giant monsters fighting on Youtube, I wanted to share this quick 10 minute short film with you! 👀

So! Someone showed me that Japan has an official Godzilla Youtube channel where they share news and stuff. Which, I rarely ever talk to anyone about because it's only in Japanese lmao! Anyways, every once in a while, they will drop these SICK high quality Godzilla fight short films, featuring other rad Kaiju in the Godzilla universe! 🤯

My favorite one is Godzilla vs. Megalon, which you can watch using the links under the image at the top of this e-mail! 😁🎉

And if you like that one, here's another one: "Godzilla vs. Gigan Rex" ⚔️

If you get the time to watch these Godzilla fights, let me know! What did you think of it? Is Megalon one of your favorite Kaiju? Were you surprised by how high quality the whole thing was? What did you think of the intro story thing the video had? 👀 Send me an e-mail and I'll get back to you! 📣

I hope you enjoyed me reaching out to share this fun random thing with you haha! Stay tuned for the next episode of the Kaiju Club, where I'll be sharing more rad, fun, and exclusive stuff for you! 🤩😎💪 Stay Groovy dude! 😎🦖

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