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Oceanfront Online

Astroblk - Souvenirs (Album)

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Physical CDs and Digital Downloads come with a Bandcamp Code that can be redeemed on the Astroblk Bandcamp, as well as a downloadable MP3 320 .zip of the album, from our order confirmation page 🎉

Me (Aviscerall) & Astroblk bought our own CDs of this album, and took some of the product photos (using a photobooth)! We are STOKED on how the Oceanfront Online CDs came out! They have really nice colors, the Jewel cases are the traditional, solid case design you would find on a retail CD! The sound quality is a really nice digital rip, and I'm stoked on listening to these CDs in my car haha! 💿🚗🎶 

The On Demand CDs of this album are fulfilled by Kunaki. 🙏🏽🎉


1. 439
2. anything new
3. callinonyou
4. chinese food
5. coolin down in cali
6. just think about it...
7. lost soul
8. must be
9. only when
10. sparky