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Oceanfront Online

Aviscerall - Dreams (Album)

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Physical CDs and Digital Downloads come with a Bandcamp Code that can be redeemed on the Aviscerall Bandcamp, as well as a downloadable MP3 320 .zip of the album, from our order confirmation page 🎉

I (Aviscerall) bought a CD of this album, and took some of the product photos (using a photobooth)! I am STOKED on how the Oceanfront Online CDs came out! They have really nice colors, the Jewel cases are the traditional, solid case design you would find on a retail CD! The sound quality is a really nice digital rip, and I'm stoked on listening to these CDs in my car haha! 💿🚗🎶 

The AMAZING album art was commissioned from @mickeyn163The On Demand CDs of this album are fulfilled by Kunaki. 🙏🏽🎉



The album represents dreams in multiple senses! Dreams that you have when you are asleep (because every song on the album is a world that I built to convey that you are in a dream). But also dreams in terms of goals, because I recently started doing music full time and I am following my dreams! To represent that, the title track is actually a re-imagining of my first "hit" song, Lullabyes! Which put me on this new career path, thanks to all of the awesome support from everyone like you, who listens to my music and supports me. I cannot express how much I appreciate you for listening, and I hope this album helps you experience these worlds and dreams that I've made, as well as inspires you to live your dreams as well!