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Groovy Kaiju - Godzilla Got Remastered (Album)

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This album is EXCLUSIVE to this website, Oceanfront Online . The physical versions of this album are exclusive to Kaiju Cave Members through the Groovy Kaiju Secret Shop!

Physical CDs and Digital Downloads will have a Bandcamp Code that can be redeemed on the Groovy Kaiju Bandcamp, as well as a downloadable MP3 320 .zip of the album, from our order confirmation page. 🎉

I (Groovy Kaiju) bought the CD of this album, and took some of the product photos (using a photobooth and my green screen)! I am STOKED on how these CDs came out. They have really nice colors, the Jewel cases are the traditional, solid case design you would find on a retail CD! The sound quality is a really nice digital rip, and I'm stoked on listening to these CDs in my car haha! 💿🚗🎶 

The AMAZING album art was commissioned from Leah Rose Garza! The On Demand CDs of this album are fufilled by Kunaki. 🙏🏽🎉



1. Mighty Morphin' [Remastered]

2. Jukebox Jams [Remastered] (feat. Augnos)

3. Surfin' The Web [Remastered]

4. Beach Vibes [Remastered]

5. Anime T-Shirts [Remastered]

6. No Worries [Remastered]

7. One for the Kids [Remastered]

8. Space Dandy [Remastered]

9. How Romantic [Remastered] (feat. Augnos)

10. At First Sight [Remastered]

11. Thanks for Everything [Remastered]

12. Till Next Year [Remastered] (feat. Augnos)

13. Cartoon Reruns [Remastered]

14. Arizona Green Tea [Remastered] - Bonus

15. Aye You With the Afro [Remastered] - Bonus


Album Description:

(This album has uncleared samples. Which is why I'm not publicly selling physical versions of this release, and making it exclusive to Kaiju Cave members. This album is pay your own price on my bandcamp, and can be listened to for free. However, I know we all really like my older stuff, and I personally wanted to listen to this release in my car. So let's keep this lowkey, and not forget to support the original artists where we can! This also includes bonus tracks that I remastered after the original release with Pacific Plaza Records)

From the grooviest kaiju in monster island, comes a remastered album of Groovy Godzilla ‘s fan favorite songs!

This one goes out to all of my amazing kaiju fans that have been following me since day one! You kaiju and kaiju-ettes really know how to destroy the streets with these tunes, and I am forever grateful for all the love you’ve shown to your friendly neighbor monster. Cheesy jokes aside, I really really appreciate y’all!

[The full album description and list of samples can be found on the album release Bandcamp page]