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Oceanfront Online

Groovy Kaiju - Greetings from Monster Island

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This album is just a collection of tracks & singles found throughout my Soundcloud and Spotify that couldn't make it onto albums for various reasons (Sample clearance, One-off song, Didn't fit an album vibe, etc...). But! The songs are still bangers, and range all types of different vibes and things! And I felt like they deserved some kind of official release, so here they are!

My plan is to continually update this album over time as I have more of this one off singles, and throw them into this release. So hopefully it grows into a bigger monster than it already is! Check back every once in a while to get some new, fresh tunes!

This is album is free since I couldn't clear like most of the samples on this release, but donations (Pay Your Own Price) are welcome! It'll go to buying me more music gear, monster food, and whatever else I need to keep making rad tunes haha! :)


Last thing! I privately released this album to my Kaiju Club members for the Holidays in 2021! If you also want to get exclusive first dibs on new stuff before it comes out, you should join the Kaiju Club here: