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Groovy Kaiju - Groovin' Through the Galaxy (Album)

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Deluxe Edition of this album comes with the following:

* Live Performance Recording of the entire album (Including the original Green Screen Recording)! 🧑‍🎤

* Instrumentals versions of the songs that have vocals, perfect for reading, focusing while you work, or working out! 💪😎🦖

* Behind the scenes chapter lore and explainers, talking about musical and personal life inspirations behind the album, and breaking down the Easter eggs hidden in the album! 👀🥚

* Song Breakdowns that show how the songs were made in FL Studio! 🎹

* Listening Party Live Stream Recording! Hear the album skits and lore in a brand new context, and watch the 3D Album Cover Breakdown! 🤩

* Exclusive PSX Style FMV Music Video for "No Oxygen" of the 3D Album Cover! 🎮🎥

* Additional assets that you can play around with (CC-BY-NC)! 🧩

* And Everything in the Standard Edition (All 23 Tracks Album Download)! 💿🛍️

Standard Edition only includes the item you purchased, as well as an e-mail sent after the purchase containing a redeemable Bandcamp code & .zip of MP3s of the album tracks. 🎉

The "Deluxe Edition Upgrade Download" is a download of the Deluxe Edition items without the Standard Edition (the album music downloads). This allows you to buy these deluxe edition items later, but at a higher price than if you were to buy the deluxe edition with the album.

First Pressing Cassettes are Signed and Numbered by Groovy Kaiju. They are still available, so grab one now while you still can! 👀🤩

Lastly, Physical Editions of this album do not include the lore skits, as they couldn't fit on the physical albums! However, they lore skits will still be included in your downloads! 😎😁🙏


"Groovin' Through the Galaxy is an existential experiment, of trying to understand love by looking out and looking in. I am confident that you will find, learn, or experience something from this album, as we are all trying to understand ourselves as well as the universe around us and how we belong in it. This audio experience is all wrapped up into what I think is my perfect vision of a groovy, hip hop, neo-soulful space future funk album represented by a fun, rad, and groovy exaggeration of myself: Groovy Kaiju. I'm really looking forward to hearing about your experience with this album, it's been such a huge impact for me to make this, and I'm super confident, and very thankful if you agree, that this album is something you will want to experience & support! Thank you!"

- Aaron Turner (Groovy Kaiju)



1. Breaking News (Skit)*
2. Prepare for Liftoff (The Real Intro)
3. Goodbye Earth (feat. astreaux.)
4. Welcome To Space (Skit)*
5. Alien Party
6. AfterParty Conversations (Skit)*
7. No Oxygen
8. Webb of Roses (Skit)*
9. Infinity is a Long Time (feat. Aviscerall)
10. Planet X (I’m Not the One)
11. Andromeda
12. Black Hole (Skit)*
13. Alone in the Universe (feat. Aviscerall)
14. Digital Queen
15. Discovery (Skit)*
16. Outer Space Date
17. Cosmic Paradox (Skit)*
18. Ruled by Venus
19. Stuck in Your Orbit
20. Almost Home (Skit)*
21. Splashdown (feat. Aviscerall)
22. And That Concludes Our Program (Skit)*
23. End Credits (feat. Aviscerall)

* means only in the digital download that comes with physical or digital sales.


Album art by All Hell Breaks Loops

Human Avatar 3D Models created through Avaturn

Samples cleared through Producer Loops & Prime Loops

This album is available for free on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and all major streaming services:


Special Thanks to Daniel Gomez, Karim Amer, My Mom, Jordan Turner, Gabriel Suarez, The Kaiju Club, The Kaiju Cave, & you!