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Groovy Kaiju - Kaiju Dunk Air Freshener (Ocean Scented)

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Bring the sights and smells of Groovy Kaiju with you wherever you go, with this DOPE car air freshener of Groovy Kaiju Dunking! If you want to rep Vaporwave and Groovy Kaiju in your vehicle, or you just want to smell the smells of an ocean scented dinosaur dunking on everybody with meme sunglasses, this is for you haha! 🦖😎

This AMAZING artwork was commissioned from @mickeyn163 !🙏🏽🎉


These car air fresheners are made by Kickprint! They are double sided (same design on both sides), and they are an appropriate size so you can see them clearly, without it being a distraction while driving. Daniel (NetNavi), The voice at the end of Still Groovy, has this to say about them: "Yo but my car smells soo good! I'm loving this air freshener! Everytime I open my car door I'm like why's it smell so good in here lmao"!

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