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Groovy Kaiju - Variety Sticker Pack (5 Unique Stickers)

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NOTE: This is a variety pack of 5 total unique Groovy Kaiju stickers. The 5 sticker designs you will receive will depend on whatever I have in stock! (But I usually throw in some extras as well). Sticker sizes range from Medium (~2x2 in) to Large (~2.25x2.25 -> 3x3 in)

Get a collection of Groovy Kaiju stickers in one single sticker pack! That way you can save a couple of bucks, and show off your love of dinosaurs, anime, vaporwave, Groovy Kaiju, and more in multiple ways! 😎🦖

The AMAZING artwork in this sticker pack was commissioned from @ridartwork and Leah Rose Garza . 🙏🏽🎉


Stickers are custom made by Sticker Ninja (Die Cut Gloss) or Sticky Brand.

Sticker Ninja: "These are durable, UV protected, waterproof, and don’t rub off!"

StickyBrand: "Thick, durable vinyl protects your stickers from scratches, water, and sunlight."

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