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Oceanfront Online

Kaiju Cave Monthly Subscription

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Get an annual subscription, and get two months of Kaiju Cave Free!

The Kaiju Cave subscription is also available on Patreon, and Bandcamp if you prefer those platforms. But, Oceanfront Online (this website) is the best and easiest way to get access to the Kaiju Cave, for a few reasons:

1. The Kaiju Cave requires an account to Oceanfront Online (this website) to be accessed (Just a simple e-mail and password), which is automatically linked to any purchase made here.

2. Updates and notifications are sent via e-mail, so you don't need any additional apps.

3. I receive the full amount from your support!


Yo! Whaddup dude! 😎🦖🎉

I'm Groovy Kaiju, and I am all about good vibes, fun, and bringing back those memories of gaming in front of a CRT! I've been making Future Funk and Vaporwave since 2014, and I have millions of streams and views in my funky catalog!

What if I told you that I have a cave of hidden digital treasure? That's not available to the public, or even the Kaiju Club (my free e-mail fan club)? Well, that's where the Kaiju Cave comes in!

The Kaiju Cave a website filled with all of the music, exclusive videos, interviews, live performances, and more that I've created as Groovy Godzilla and Groovy Kaiju over the years! That's about 12 EPs/Albums, 7 singles, HOURS of exclusive videos kaiju club videos, 35+ live performance recordings, and HOURS of interviews. For example, you can get a Bandcamp code to every single public and exclusive/unreleased album on my Bandcamp, MP3 downloads of my latest Spotify singles, access to my secret shop with exclusive merch items, every exclusive video that I film for the Kaiju Club, every single music live show I've ever done as both a Youtube link and a mp4 download (and not all of them are on Youtube!), and Youtube links to every interview and online talk show that I've done! 

And if you become a Kaiju Cave V.I.P, you'll also get access to work in progress songs for upcoming albums, early access to my upcoming singles, albums, and videos, finished or unfinished unreleased collabs with people in the Vaporwave scene, small music idea demos, shitposts and meme songs that I only show my friends, finished or unfinished scrapped songs, small fun vapor adjacent EPs, and green screen live performance videos for you to use in your own stuff! 

I also know that some people just want to see a Kaiju succeed! I super appreciate you for that! It's a tough, dangerous world out here. I'm an independent artist, and streaming services like Spotify don't pay nearly enough to support me financially, or build all the cool things I want to build for you! So, there's also a tier for just general support, so we can keep pumping out awesome new music, making rad videos, and spreading good vibes!

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe now so you can support an independent artist make a living with music, and get access to some rad kaiju treasures in the Kaiju Cave! 🦖👑💎✨


The AMAZING Kaiju Cave logo was commissioned from @mickeyn163! 🙏🏽🎉