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Groovy Kaiju - Monster Tape Zero (Album)

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Oceanfront Online Exclusive Album Preview

This album is EXCLUSIVE to this website, Oceanfront Online .

Physical CDs and Digital Downloads will have a Bandcamp Code that can be redeemed on the Groovy Kaiju Bandcamp, as well as a downloadable MP3 320 .zip of the album, from our order confirmation page. 🎉

I (Groovy Kaiju) bought the CD of this album, and took some of the product photos (using a photobooth and my green screen)! I am STOKED on how these CDs came out. They have really nice colors, the Jewel cases are the traditional, solid case design you would find on a retail CD! The sound quality is a really nice digital rip, and I'm stoked on listening to these CDs in my car haha! 💿🚗🎶 

The AMAZING album art was commissioned from @mickeyn163The On Demand CDs of this album are fufilled by Kunaki. 🙏🏽🎉



1. Monster Zero
2. All Cats Are Beautiful
3. U Will Sea
4. Moments of Magic
5. Final Boss Theme
6. She's Focused on Being in Love
7. I had a dream that I was in a 90s anime
8. Provider
9. Never Ending Dandy Baby
10. Want Some More



Album Description:

Monster Tape Zero is the first "Deep Cut" album I wanted to put out for all of my closest Groovy Kaiju fans. The "Monster Tape" series is something new I am trying, where I can release a bunch of really rad songs for y'all without a single concept or anything. And I hope you like it, if so, I'll make a bunch more! This album contains a handful of RAD B-Sides, Spotify singles that didn't fit other albums, collabs with some of my awesome friends but I ended up just doing myself, and some brand new songs to glue the album together into a solid Groovy Kaiju release. I'm really excited for all of you cool cats to hear this one, as I've definitely been bumping it on my sub in my Integra haha! This album is dedicated for all of the Kaiju's who have been vibin' with me on Monster Island, either brand new, or those who have been following me since 2014! Thank you so much, I truly cannot express how much I appreciate y'all! Stay Groovy! :)


Lastly, The album art is definitely inspired by King Geedorah (A.K.A MF DOOM), who sadly passed away in 2020. I've gotten tons of feedback from folks about how Groovy definitely has some unintentional DOOM influences, which makes sense, as I am a HUGE DOOM fan. So I wanted to pay homage to them, with the album art on this on. So! From myself, and everyone in the Groovy Kaiju community, this one is for DOOM! And another HUGE shoutout to @mickeyn163 for doing this album cover, I think they did an amazing job in capturing the direction, and influence!!! :)

Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Bebop Vibes

Nothing satisfies me more than music that can bring nostalgia appeal, and this soundtrack nails that feat with ease. The stickers were definitely a bonus. Was able to Rep groovy kaiju merch on my car at the local Import Show and the sticker definitely got a lot of attention.

Awesome music, awesome merch, amazing message.

A prized possession

Love this soundtrack, it’s got little bit of everything and I could play it in my car over and over It never gets old

Awesome soundtrack

I’d expect nothing less from the Grooviest of Kaiju

Maxwell Lloyd
So groovy. So kaiju. So perfect.

Jams the whole way through

bop after bop, a gem of an album!!!!

where do i even start? my boyfriend and i love finding new music to listen to from all kinds of genres. it’s something that’s brought us closer and closer over the course of our relationship. when i kept coming across the ads for this CD on instagram, i honestly thought it was too good to be true! my boyfriend LOVES CDs, he collects them and i knew he would love this one. i bought it as a surprise for him because he loves this kind of sound (and so do i) but it ended up being an amazing surprise for both of us! we listened to it on a car ride and are OBSESSED! this is definitely going to be in our summer rotation. thank you so much, groovy kaiju! (not to mention, shipping was rather quick!! if i could, i would’ve paid more than the price i originally named!!)