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Groovy Kaiju - Still Groovy (Album)

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Physical CDs, Physical Vinyl, and Digital Downloads come with a Bandcamp Code that can be redeemed on the Groovy Kaiju Bandcamp, as well as a downloadable MP3 320 .zip of the album, from our order confirmation page. 🎉

I (Groovy Kaiju) bought the CD of this album, and took some of the product photos (using a photobooth and my green screen)! I am STOKED on how these CDs came out. They have really nice colors, the Jewel cases are the traditional, solid case design you would find on a retail CD! I also went ahead and designed the disc art to resemble the Wii Netflix disc haha! The sound quality is a really nice digital rip, and I'm stoked on listening to these CDs in my car haha! 💿🚗🎶 

The album art is a picture of me (Groovy Kaiju) in Shinjuku! The album cover, and CD layout was made by me as well! The "On Demand" CDs of this album are fulfilled by Kunaki. 🙏🏽🎉


After 4 years of thinking about this album and throwing ideas around in my head, and living a lot of life experiences, It's finally here. Groovy Godzilla is now Groovy Kaiju, and I am groovier than ever! Even with the name change, I'm "Still Groovy". This one is for all the cool cats who have been missin' out on these sweet tunes blasting from the shores of Monster Island...

Full album description and (cleared) samples can be found on the Still Groovy Bandcamp Page!


Vinyl records of this album were also made in collaboration with Pacific Plaza Records. For more details about the vinyl, and additional copies of the vinyl, can be found on the Pacific Plaza Records Still Groovy page.

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