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Groovy Kaiju - Kaiju Beach Sticker

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Bring Groovy Kaiju with you wherever you go, with this DOPE beach sticker of Groovy Kaiju! If you want to rep Vaporwave and Groovy Kaiju on your stuff, or you need to let people know you don't leave the scene without a dope outro, this is for you! 🦖😎

If you want a collection of Groovy Kaiju stickers (and save a little money while doing so), click here to check out the Groovy Kaiju Sticker Pack!

The AMAZING artwork was commissioned from Leah Rose Garza !🙏🏽🎉


Custom Made by Sticker Ninja (Die Cut Gloss): "These are durable, UV protected, waterproof, and don’t rub off!"